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We began the process of wanting to purchase a home in the state of Quintana Roo in February of 2021, and although we have family who live in Mexico, they are in a different area so we were essentially starting from scratch. We initially were in contact with three different realtors. They all seemed to have their own agenda, and kept showing us stuff that was more than our budget or that didn't fit any of our criteria. Then Mary and Jose breezed into our world! Mary and Jose listened to all of our desires, and tirelessly showed us property after property, we saw several that made our short list, they were all in Puerto Morelos, and at that time we THOUGHT that was where we truly wanted to live. Then we visited Tulum, and fell in love. It immediately felt like home. Mary and Jose quickly regrouped and refocused their efforts on Tulum. We found a property and were delighted. Mary and Jose were cautious though and through doing their due diligence and research on the builder, they advised us to not proceed. Looking back we are sooo glad that we followed their advice as the project turned into something that we would not have been happy with. They went on to find us exactly what we wanted by way of a reputable architect and builder in Tulum, we have broken ground and are ecstatic to watch the progress. Mary and Jose also made sure that we had a good attorney and escrow company. They have gone above and beyond to help us, even assisted with temp housing until our home is complete. I Have and will continue to refer everybody I can to them. If you want an honest hardworking realtor team that will make sure that you are protected at every turn then you are in the right place!
Mexico Realty Living Testimonial

Brad & Tina Heath

Portland, USA

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